2016 Annual Meeting Registration Now open – Register Today!

Online Registration

Sponsors: If you are registering online (https://www.123signup.com/register?id=phtjs), I would like to give you a quick synopsis.  Please choose your specific registration type (Full, Student, etc.).  If your company/firm is sponsoring the event as a GOLD or SILVER sponsor, your firm/company is entitled to one free general meeting registration.  Please check with your firm/company, but if you happen to be the one free meeting representative, please choose the “Full Registration – (Sponsor Representative)” choice. (Paper registration is available)

Meal Choices: Pending your registration selections, please don’t forget to make your meal selection for Thursday Lunch and the Thursday night Awards Banquet (if necessary).  As you proceed to the selection window with the multiple activities, meal choices are at the bottom, pick one per meal (if applicable).  The cost will say $0.00.  If you required additional tickets for meals (for a spouse or child), please choose “Additional/Companion” meal choices which will have an associated cost.

Additional Guests:  At the bottom of the activity selection window, there is a button for “GUESTS”, please fill in information for any additional guests needed beyond what is available on the main selection menu. Whether meals, the bike tour, golf, etc.

Payment:  You have a choice between credit card online, check payment, or pay at door.  If you choose credit card online, be advise it will ask for your CVV number on the back of the card.  Note that although this is typical, your company may not open up the help window if needed.  If you have questions on what the CVV number is, please feel free to contact myself at 978-794-1792 orsgregorio@theengineeringcorp.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me 978-794-1792 or sgregorio@theengineeringcorp.com.