Pedestrian/Bike Workzone Safety Technical Workshop Announced

The Technical Training portion of the 2016 Northeastern District Meeting will be a workshop:

Designing for Pedestrian & Bike Safety in Workzones (6 PDHs)
By Keith Sinclair, FHWA Highway Safety Engineer

This workshop is intended to help state and local transportation professionals address pedestrian safety issues through design and engineering solutions. Participants will learn effective solutions and best practices in design and operations for pedestrian safety. Specific design and operational issues covered include:

  • Work Zone accommodation
  • Sidewalk and walkway design
  • Signs, signals, and crosswalks
  • Roundabouts
  • Road diets and other traffic calming measures

About Keith
Keith Sinclair is a Highway Safety Engineer with the Safety & Design Technical Services Team housed in the Federal Highway Administration’s Resource Center. His primary duties involve technology deployment and technical service in the areas of Strategic Highway Safety Plans, Pedestrian Safety, Roadside Safety Audits, the Highway Safety Improvement Program and more recently Intersection Safety. Keith’s actions and expertise include promoting decision-making tools that support driving down fatalities. Keith also served as FHWA Safety Liaison to AASHTO where he was instrumental in establishing the Safety Management Subcommittee and functioned as a coordinator of the Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety. Prior to joining the Resource Center, Keith served as the Technology Team Leader in the New Jersey Division Office. In this capacity, he managed a diverse team of technical specialists including Highway Safety, Traffic Operations, and ITS. Keith achieved his bachelor’s of science degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State and his master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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